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a new website... only for pudos is arriving...

welcome! my name's pudo pudowski and this is my website! it's a personal digital archive of my projects. i also host anything else that i want to catalog online here. this includes, at the moment, my animation projects, my monthly journal and others.

this website is mainly in portuguese, you're looking at a translated version! pra ver a versão em português, clique aqui!

cool art of the week


por ieafy

recent activity

reading: a game of thrones - george r r martin

watching: the walking dead

playing: yakuza 0

listening: life of the world to come - the mountain goats

creating: a website! and english subtitles for castelo rá-tim-bum


05/05/24 - AOTW, april 2024, bookbug

22/04/24 - AOTW, small poetry page update

15/04/24 - AOTW


website to-do list:

  • - make gallery page
  • - make fogo com fogo page
  • - make mun ante page
  • - finish anima page
  • - make tomate page
  • - make page about toki pona
  • - make page about ffxiv
  • - english version of the website
  • - make cool artists page
  • - write 2023 retrospective
  • - make blog page
  • - make diary page
  • - finish homepage
  • - make an about page
  • - make projects page
  • - make other websites page
  • - make sitemap page
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