English subtitles for Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum

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Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum was a brazilian children's TV show broadcast created in 1994, stopping production in 1997. It continued to broadcast for many years more in Brazil and is beloved by many who grew up with it. It's composed of various segments featuring quirky characters that teach the audience about various knowledge areas, alongside each episode's main story.

Translated and subtitled by me using Subtitle Edit. It takes quite a long time to translate and subtitle just a single episode, so please be patient. I do plan on getting through the whole show, eventually.

Full series can be found on Libreflix.

Plot summary

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Nino is a 300-year-old boy who lives with his uncle, Dr. Victor, who is a 3,000-year-old sorcerer and scientist, and his great-aunt Morgana, who is a 6,000-year-old witch. The three live in a castle in the middle of the city of São Paulo. Being a sorcerer's apprentice, Nino never got to go to school, in special due to his unusual age for a boy. His parents left him in the foster care of Victor and Morgana, as they needed to travel on an expedition to outer space, taking his two younger siblings with them. Although he has supernatural animal friends in the castle, Nino misses having friends that are like himself, so he decides to cast a spell he learned from his uncle Victor, which ends up bringing three children who had just left school to his castle's doorstep. Free of loneliness, Nino then receives daily visits from the trio, in addition to special visits from other friends, such as the pizza delivery man Bongo, the flamboyant TV reporter Penelope, the folk legend Caipora, and an alien called Etevaldo. Dr. Abobrinha (Dr. Zucchini, also referring to the Portuguese expression of speaking senseless) serves as the main villain of the series, who is a real estate speculator who wants to demolish the castle and erect a 100-story tall building in its place.


All episode title translations subject to change.

  1. Not bye! See you tomorrow!
  2. What's your planet of origin?
  3. My name is Caipora
  4. Who's who here?
  5. The city of my dreams
  6. Slightly nauseated
  7. Look at the birdie
  8. Multiplying
  9. No one likes me
  10. Everything transforms
  11. I promise
  12. Space parties
  13. Has anyone seen my shoes?
  14. Lights, camera, action!
  15. The sound of silence
  16. It's cup, it's race, it's grace
  17. Pineapple King
  18. Whoops! Saci escaped!
  19. Nino is turning green
  20. Everything that enters, leaves
  21. Nino changed
  22. Jealous, me?
  23. Doesn't make you fat and makes you grow
  24. Big-eared magic
  25. You snooze, you lose
  26. Paint dirt
  27. Leia, the space Jelly
  28. I'm on TV
  29. Imagination's wings
  30. Wonderful bean
  31. Who is Captain Whale?
  32. There's someone strange here
  33. What do I wear?
  34. Bring up dust
  35. Will you stop looking at me?
  36. Happily ever after
  37. Painted over dirt? It's clean!
  38. Seek and you shall find
  39. Always room for one more
  40. In the mood
  41. Boo hoo, wah wah
  42. A very serious nanny
  43. Cupid trickery
  44. Coconut candy and doce de leite
  45. Your majesty, the baby
  46. Boys and girls
  47. Backfired spell
  48. The day the earth stopped
  49. School goes to Nino
  50. Rumours
  51. Mania TV
  52. Zula, the blue girl
  53. Give me some money
  54. Rá-Tim-Bum!
  55. The Bonga-bonga drums
  56. Home, sweet home
  57. Pre-historical prints
  58. Forbidden to enter with animals
  59. Thunderstorm and Lightning
  60. The Treasure of Wishes
  61. Caipora bails out
  62. In search of lost time
  63. Eugene, the genius
  64. Everyday can be Christmas
  65. Eating
  66. Those who sing put their sorrows away
  67. Sneaked into a sailboat
  68. Eternal smile
  69. Beach
  70. Comet
  71. Beauty
  72. A wave in the sea
  73. Crocodile tears
  74. Dream
  75. Easter hunt
  76. Pregnancy
  77. Wings
  78. Earth is spherical
  79. Nino X Nino
  80. Dictionary
  81. Milk
  82. T for Tibio, F for Fibulo
  83. The Dresses Polka Dot
  84. Seeing to believe
  85. Family relations
  86. The clown is what?
  87. Extra, extra!
  88. Et cetera
  89. Moon/Sun
  90. The Owner of the Castle
  91. Special Episode: Sleep Time